Dance, Sing, Love

This is exactly what my good friend Draza does when teaching kids “dance”.  She teaches them so much more than that.  When observing her class an adult can easily pick up on the other lessons being learned.

She uses one dance called “volcano” which is the favorite by most of the boys in the class to harness energy and use it at an appropriate moment.  The kids start in child’s pose (yoga), which she calls “down low” and then slowly has their energy build until it is time to “EXPLODE”!  Immediately after this burst of laughter, screams and energy she says, “freeze”!  The kids are at full attention waiting to see what is coming next. 

From a “fitness” perspective I observed many other lessons in this class.  She teaches the kids about breathing and warming up before they “exercise”.  They learn about moving in place and moving all over the room. 

Its no wonder that Draza teaches dance classes and also is so gifted at her healing work with adults through her dance therapy sessions and reiki.  She applies the same principles that stem from the heart to both young and old.  Connecting the body and movement to the soul is her gift and dance is one of her main methods of doing this. 

It is wonderful to know that there are programs providing this quality education to kids despite the decline in physical activity classes over the years.  Observing her work brought tears to my eyes and joy into my heart that Friday afternoon. 

Check out Draza's website and learn more!  Click here to go to Draza's site.


Draza working on balance with the kids!

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