Dance, Sing, Love

Its no wonder that Draza teaches dance classes and also is so gifted at her healing work with adults through her dance therapy sessions and reiki.She applies the same principles that stem from the heart to both young and old.Connecting the body and movement to the soul is her gift and dance is one of her main methods of doing this.

Biomechanics of Shadows

For a more thorough analysis, here are some suggestions for observation: Do you arms swing away from your body the same distance? When you shift weight to one leg to step does your torso shift evenly? Do your shoulders and hips rotate the same on both sides? What happens if you see an asymmetry and try to correct it?

What is MAT?

Does one leg get more sore than the other? Does one side of your back chronically ache? Is one side of your neck always stiff? Or do you notice your shoes wearing differently on the bottoms when comparing right to left? Do you care about these differences? Are you curious to correct them and do you have time and energy to watch the magic happen?