Best kept secret in California

Yoga Therapy!  This year I decided to take a yoga therapy session every other week with Tamara Manning at La Jolla's Finest Training.  It really is the best kept secret and here is why!

The session is on a rooftop in La Jolla with an ocean view and natural light.  Tamara plays soothing music and uses her voice to guide you through yoga postures that are picked specifically for your individual needs.  When I arrive she says, "How are you feeling today?  Is there anything you want to work on today?  Do any areas of your body seem to need attention?"  Those caring questions alone are healing!

Now here is the secret part!  Tamara is a massage therapist AND has a keen eye for biomechanics.  She observes positions that are challenging and corrects the technique through the session by using her hands to re-position you.  She also uses massage to work on areas that are tight in your body while you are in pose.  

I feel refreshed, strong, peaceful and energized simultaneously when I leave her sessions.  It is a great way to strengthen, stretch, breath and clear the mind.  Tamara talks about the mind and spirit while you are working.  She educates you about your body and explains the goal of the exercises, which demonstrates her expertise.  You all know what an anatomy nerd I am!

Here is a sample of her words: "The breathing created space in your mind and the poses created space in your body.  It is your decision what to fill that space with.  It can be stress and worry or it can be joy and peace."  Ahhh, don't you feel better already?

Several of my clients work with her regularly and I highly recommend a yoga therapy session to anyone looking for a restorative workout that yields results in both the mind and body.  Contact La Jolla's Finest Training to try a session with her soon!  (858) 459-3997

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