Replace THAT with THIS

Here are some of my favorite sneaky moves around "forbidden food"!

Wine - Sparkling Water & Blueberry or Grape Juice

Coffee - Tea or Hot Chocolate

Mashed Potatoes - Mashed Cauliflower

Mayonaise - Hummus or Mashed Avocado

Chips - Nuts

Bread - Eggs (make an omelette instead of putting turkey, avocado & tomato on bread)

Bread - Use a large piece of fresh crisp lettuce to wrap tuna salad, chicken salad, etc.

Cereal - Oatmeal (be sure to add some crunchy nuts & fresh fruit to spice it up)

Soda, Energy Drinks, Sugar Drinks - Fresh Fruit Smoothie


What else do you replace in your diet with something else in order to change it up or to avoid something?

Post it below in the comments section!