Do this every day!

Our body doesn't come with a manual, although Dr. Oz did a great job of making up for that with his "YOU, the owner's manual" series.  If you don't have time for that sort of reading, here are 10 exercises/stretches you should do every day just to keep the joints well oiled and the muscles happy! 

Think about that song kids sing: "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes".

Try 1 or 2 a day and eventually incorporate them all:

1. Turn your head right & left for a full stretch, gently though!
2. Shoulder Rolls forward and backward.
3. Lift and Lower your shoulders up to & away from the ears gently.
4. Move the shoulders forward and back gently.
5. Stretch your palms by opening them wide.
6. Sidebend and reach your hand down your thigh on the side.
7. Torso Rotations (like you are playing golf, but slowly).
8. Seated knee extensions (straightening the leg from a seated position).
9. Ankle Rolls, try spelling your name with each foot for some mental exercise!
10. Smile!  Using your face muscles to do this will send happy signals to the brain!

Of course there are many more, but this should get you going....
And if you are a numbers person, do about 10-20 of each.
Comment below with any questions!