Are you sure you're cueing squats correctly?

Are you sure you're cueing squats correctly?

Andy's favorite holiday is here and his relatives are all around town!!!  I have been visiting some of Montana's great Ghost Towns like Garnet and Virginia City, to get in the Halloween mood - what about you? 

I made a special video to help you connect a very popular exercise move with bones.  Click Here to learn where the real rules about squats come from and see Andy's great Halloween Costume!  

Your body will breathe a huge sigh of relief when you find out the most common mis-conception about squats.

Alleviating a tight IT Band long term

Alleviating a tight IT Band long term

If I had a dollar for every time I heard about this problem, I would be rich!  Remember...the IT Band (Iliotibial Band) is a tendon.  Tendons are mostly collagen and are present to withstand tension.   They have also been shown to act as springs.  What would happen if you massaged a spring?  

New Ideas about Plantar Fasciitis

New Ideas about Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciatis is the buzz word of the summer, when “heels” get exchanged for sandals and flip flops.  As the foot is flatter more often, the bottom of the foot may experience inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is the tissue on the bottom surface of the foot.  

Heels are in disguise!  They are not just women’s fancy shoes... 

Do you wear:

Sneakers with cushion in the rear-foot?

Men’s dress shoes with a slight lift in the rear-foot?

Other shoes with more than a 1-inch heel?


Three Strategies for Injury Prevention

Three Strategies for Injury Prevention

Prevention is a popular term in healthcare today.  More than ever people want to prevent problems before they arise.  This is easier said than done, especially when it comes to musculoskeletal injuries!  Accidents will happen.  Aside from the mistakes made that lead to injuries, there are ways to lessen the probability of hurting your joints.  Awareness is key for injury prevention.  Review the terms mentioned in the video to bring more mindfulness to your favorite activities. 

Why you shouldn't contract your "abs"

Why you shouldn't contract your "abs"

"Abs" seems to be the buzz word in the summertime.  People are wearing swimsuits and tank tops, they want a firm mid-section.  "Contracting the abs" is a popular cue for many forms of exercise.  Weight lifting, running, yoga, pilates, playing tennis, etc.  The best trainers regularly remind their clients to contract their abs.  "Abs" meaning abdominal muscles.  I stop when I hear these words come out of my mouth and wonder if people really understand what this phrase means...

Six exercises to alleviate shoulder and neck tension

Six exercises to alleviate shoulder and neck tension

When it comes to shoulder and neck discomfort - being gentle is key.  The shoulder joint has many bones joining together in a small area.  The scapula, clavicle and humerus all connect to form your shoulder joint, which attaches to the cervical spine through muscle attachments.  In short, there are a lot of moving parts!  This allows a lot of mobility in our shoulders and neck.  However, there is also high potential for mis-alignment and dis-comfort.  The more moving parts, the more potential for dysfunction.

Five of the BEST Recovery Strategies

Five of the BEST Recovery Strategies

Do you or your clients have tight muscles?  Have they been injured?  OR Are they injury prone?  While we cannot diagnose or treat injuries, we can suggest recovery strategies that can alleviate discomfort or possibly prevent injury.  Encourage your clients to apply one or more of these strategies after every workout!

Ski into the holidays...

Ski into the holidays...

Ski Season is approaching and the mountains are accumulating snow.  Teton Gravity Research and Warren Miller are presenting their films to build anticipation for the season.  And it is working!  Aside from booking plane tickets, contemplating season pass purchases and pulling the gear out of the closet, there is something else on my mind....

Take a vacation...

Bring vacation into your daily life...  Close your eyes...

Imagine your favorite escapes and various components that made them memorable. 







Its incredible how our brain can re-create pleasure with some simple creativity and implementation...

Here are some of mine to help get your mind rolling -


Bali - Indonesia

Placing a fresh picked plumeria flower on the side of bath tub while I soak and relax.


Maui - Hawaii

Mango Salsa & Avocado with chips on a random afternoon takes me away to paradise.


Venice - Italy

Getting lost in the moment with the food & sharing smiles with the farmers/artisans at local San Diego markets.


Paris - France

Preparing Chicken with Mushroom Sauce to re-live the flavors of the city.

What enjoyable moments along your travels can you incorporate into your daily life?

Please share with us!  We can all use inspiration from time to time.